What is this idea called student life?

What is this idea called student life?  What is it going to look like for my child at Denver Christian Schools in the Fall of 2014?  I hope to answer those questions and more on the 23rd.  But I would like to start bringing some clarity to it now.  As the person who has been asked to help shape the student culture for the Preschool through 12th grade students next year at Denver Christian Schools, I have been asking myself those questions and more… a lot.  Although it has been an enjoyable process, it has been challenging too.  But now is the time for you to join me in the conversation.  How, you ask?  Well, being the social media person that I am, I would like to have this conversation both face to face and online.  These conversations would include, students of all ages, parents, community members, teachers, etc.  So… this is your invitation to join me in some brainstorming sessions.  How cool is this going to be!?!  I am sure we will come up more ideas than we can possibly handle but that is ok, that shouldn’t stop us.  Imagine a conversation that starts now, continues through the summer and then moves into next school year.  In order to facilitate this conversation I have created a blog.  My first post is a set of guidelines to direct our conversation.  If I were to cast the net too wide right out of the gate the great parts of the conversation would get lost.  I will do my best to guide and direct us to very meaningful outcomes.  Click here (or paste into your browser) for the blog… http://dcsstudentlife.blogspot.com


  1. Tyler, I think DC has picked the right person to be in charge of student life. The book Reframing Organizations by Bolman and Deal has a great section on culture. The whole book is a good read, but that section would be very helpful for you as you think about pulling your whole organization together through stories, symbols, ceremony, and rituals. Be well my friend.

  2. Tyler, I’d like to suggest an Other to add to your list of characteristics of DCS Student Life: Students and Teachers Reaching Out Beyond Our Campus. How will our students respond to the great commandment to “Go”? How will our Student Life program help them recognize their skills, talents and God-given abilities to become what God-alone has called each individual to be? What will service learning and outreach look like, in the community outside our doorstep, or to the far reaches of the world. How will we continue DC’s heritage of reaching out to Engage and transform the broken world around us?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    • Great point… I like that lot. However, Student Service will be more in Rich’s “Domain” than in mine. Although we will be working together in many areas, so I’m sure there will be a way for us to work together. I see a possibility of the Student Life office working with this question more specifically… “How will our Student Life program help them recognize their skills, talents and God-given abilities to become what God-alone has called each individual to be?” That would be a huge challenge but one I am certainly looking forward to. But most of your comments are in Rich’s world.

      That all being said, I think one of the challenges moving forward will be learning how we all work together to make DCS the great place it can be for our students… on and off campus.

      Hope all that makes sense.

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